is an initiative company with headquarters in Varna, a town based on the seacoast of the Black Sea, Bulgaria – a country, which secures a strategic trading link between Europe and Asia.

Consist by dynamic and highly professional team, DEKASTA aims to work toward sustainable business opportunities for the company itself, as well as for all its clients and partners.

We, the people behind DEKASTA, strongly believe that creativity and play will infuse the life of everyone with joy and pleasure, by making it easier and happier.

At the moment we deal with these great products – the amazing Thinking putty, the funny Rubber ducks and the exciting Waboba. All of them high quality toys, designed not only for children, but also for adults.

Currently we are also working on few more interesting ideas that could become part of our business activities in the near future.

Furthermore we are always open and looking forward for any new business opportunities that may arise, so if you have one just contact us and we will help you to bring it live!

Thinking putty

Find your talent
to be original and creative.

Rubber ducks

It's bath time.


Water bouncing ball.