Our team

DEKASTA OOD is an initiative company composed by four young and dynamic people gathered together by one unique goal – to make our and our friends lives better and more fun.

As the word is changing and there are no anymore secure jobs, but a lot of work to be done, we, the people behind DEKASTA have decided to take the initiative and drive the change - at least in our small and private worlds.

By applying the principle and professional know-how that we have learned, we are giving our best to develop a sustainable business environment where we, our families and our friends will grow.

For us, DEKASTA is not only a company. DEKASTA is a mission! A never ending mission, we are going to reach and accomplish all our ideas and dreams!

Among our basic understandings of doing business, there is one important principle that may be useful to share here with you – we do believe that the people are the greatest asset of any existing business in the world. That is why we are always looking for friends, but not clients; friendships, but not business relations; soul mates, but not competitors…

If you agree and follow the same rules, please find us, as we are constantly looking for people like you!